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Eugene Onegin (Andriy Zholdak production at Mikhailovsky Theatre, opera)

Eugene Onegin (Andriy Zholdak production at Mikhailovsky Theatre, opera)

Genre: Opera Language: Russian Age restriction: 16+ Length: 3 hours 45 minutes Intermissions: 2 Opening night: 29 September 2014


I set myself the task of securing the empathy and sympathy of the audience, giving them the opportunity to follow the secret life of the human soul. The two main words I would use to describe the production are sensuality and beauty

Andriy Zholdak, the director of Eugene Onegin



Stage Director: Andriy Zholdak
Music Director: Mikhail Tatarnikov
Set Designers: Monika Pormale, Andriy Zholdak
Lighting Designer: AJ Weissbard
Principal Chorus Master: Vladimir Stolpovskikh
Music Dramaturgy Consultant: Dmitry Renansky
Assistants to Stage Director: Sergey Patramansky, Yulia Prokhorova
Assistant to Music Director: Aleksey Niaga
Assistant to Set Designers: Elena Zykova
Assistant to Costume Designer: Alla Marusina
Assistant to Light Designer: Pamela Cantatore
Principal Concert Master: Natalia Dudik
Chorus Master: Alexey Dmitriyev
Production team coordinator: Kathya Zholdak
Executive Producer: Alexander Arkhipov


Tatiana — Tatiana Ryaguzova
Onegin — Jānis Apeinis
Olga — Irina Shishkova
Lensky — Evgeny Akhmedov
Gremin — Andrey Gonyukov

Conductor — Mikhail Tatarnikov

Based on Pushkins novel in verses entitled Eugene Onegin, which is known as the encyclopedia of Russian life, the plot tells about young provincial girl Tatyana who sincerely declares her love to the young man of high society who is bored in the rural guzzle. He rather coldly refuses her. Meeting her after some years, already married, he understands that he loves her, however, he entreats her in vain. Although she remembers and loves him still, the feeling of her duty and matrimonial fidelity outweighs her passion. Eugene Onegin is an unsurpassed sample of a lyrical opera in which Pushkin's poetry has harmoniously merged with the fine, heart-felt music full of intimate emotion and dramatic nature.

The design for the opera has been entrusted to professionals who work at leading European theatres and are capable of coming up with the unexpected.

Scene 1

The Larins’ house. 
A neighbour of the Larins’, Lensky, Olga’s suitor, suddenly brings a new guest, his friend Onegin — a young man, who has recently arrived from the capital. The arrival of the new visitor perturbs the Larins’ life. The new guest is welcomed with interest. Onegin discredits Lensky’s choice of fiancée. Tatiana is deeply moved by her meeting with Onegin. 

Scene 2

At night. 
Seeing Tatiana’s confusion, her nurse tries to distract and comfort her. When she’s alone, Tatiana writes a letter to Onegin. She thinks him to be her only one. At dawn Tatiana asks her nurse to deliver the letter to Onegin. 

Scene 3

In the daytime. 
Tatiana anxiously awaits a response to her confession. Onegin arrives. He’s moved by Tatiana’s sincerity, but can’t return her affection. 

Scene 4

Tatiana’s name day. 
Lensky has persuaded his friend to come to the Larins, but everything there irritates Onegin. He decides to hurt Lensky and starts courting Olga ostentatiously. Olga’s readiness to accept Onegin’s courtship makes Lensky desperate. He quarrels with Onegin and challenges him to a duel. 

Scene 5

In the morning. 
Lensky is waiting for Onegin. He’s thinking about life with anguish and pain. Onegin, who is late, doesn’t want to bring the conflict to end. Former friends doubt their decision. But it’s too late and their escape routes are cut off. Lensky is shot dead. 

Scene 6

Years have passed. 
After a long absence Onegin returns to city life and meets Tatiana. She is married and is the centre of attention. Onegin is shocked by her changed attitude towards him. Tatiana’s dramatic change and her inaccessibility arouse strong passion in him. 

Scene 7

Onegin has secured a meeting with Tatiana. His speech is full of remorse. He demands her affection and makes her admit her love. But she has decided to change her life. Onegin is left in despair.



Mikhailovsky (ex. Mussorgsky) Theatre playbill

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