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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most popular questions:

Q: Where will be my seats? Can I choose specific seats? 
A: We always request the best available seats within the selected category for our customers (front/middle - first, back/side - later), but the exact seats are assigned by the theater itself. If you prefer specific seats (for example not front/middle) - please inform us about your preferences and we will do our best to suit your needs if possible. 
Some theaters do not have seat numbers and sell only Entrance tickets. In these theaters visitors can take any seats of their choice. To get the best seats in these theaters, please come at least 20-25 minutes before the performance. Unfortunately these theatres do not reserve any specific seats for anyone.

Q: We are a group of 15 seniors from New Zealand and we want seats together. Is is possible?
A: A standard rule: the bigger your group is, the more likely that it will have to be divided. If you book your tickets early in advance (3-4 months before the performance) - you have a good chance to get all your seats together. If you book your tickets in a few weeks, days or even hours before the performance - there is a significant chance that your group will be separated.
Usually tickets are booked in pairs. If you book an even number of tickets (2-4-6-8, etc.) - most likely you will receive several separate pairs of tickets. If you book an odd number of tickets (3-5-7-9, etc.), perhaps one of you may have to sit alone. We will make every effort to put a group of any size as close as possible to each other, however, we kindly ask to treat with understanding to the fact that it is almost impossible to find 15 seats together a week before the performance. Sometimes miracles do happen, but we strongly do not recommend to rely on them.
Also some theaters do not have seat numbers and sell only Entrance tickets. In these theaters visitors can take any seats of their choice - and of course all your group may sit together.

Q: I booked a ticket yesterday but still have not received any confirmation. What happened?
A: First of all, please, do not worry. It seems that our confirmation email came directly into your spam folder - please try to find it there. You also can download your confirmation voucher from your personal cabinet (login and password were sent to your email during booking).
If you can not find our confirmation in your spam folder and can not access your personal cabinet by some reason, it is also possible that you have used a wrong email (eg. mail@example.con instead of mail@example.com) - in this case please do not hesitate to contact us using contact form. We kindly ask you to provide as much information about your booking as possible (your name, approximate date and time of your booking, show, theater, date of the show etc.) - it will help us to find your order as fast as possible. To receive our replies - please add the following email to contact list of your mailbox:

Q: I am trying to purchase tickets but your booking page requires a "promo code". Could you please send me detailed information where can I find this promo code?
A: Promo code is an optional field and you can skip it. You can also use the following promo code: FAQ1EURO - it gives a discount of 1 euro per ticket. Yes, the discount is pretty small, but still better than no discount at all :)

Q: When my tickets will be delivered?
A: The expected terms of delivery are mentioned in your confirmation voucher:

- Delivery to the hotel - your tickets will be delivered one or two days before the performance to the reception of your hotel (not to your room). If you booked in less than 24 hours before the performance, your tickets will be delivered in about 6-12 hours after your order (most likely - at about 12.00-13.00 on a day of performance). Please contact the reception about an envelope with your tickets before you start panic. In 90% cases when you write or call us about "you have not received your tickets", in fact they are already delivered, but hotel attendants have not informed you about it by some reasons.

- Delivery to the entrance of the theater - our courier will be waiting for you near the entrance holding a sign with your name on it a 30 minutes before the show. He will also wait for you a 5 minutes after the beginning of the performance in a case you are late. We kindly ask you to remember, that if you are late to the third bell, attendants of the theater will not let you enter the auditorium (or will ask you to sit in upper tier before the intermission).

- Delivery to cruise ship - our courier will be waiting for you near the exit from the Sea Port of St.Petersburg holding a sign with your name, a 90 minutes before the show. If you have ordered a transportation, our representative forwards you to the driver, who will take you to the entrance of the theater and back to the ship after the performance. The price of transportation is fixed and remain the same for any number of passengers.

- Postal delivery to your country - your tickets will be sent by Russian Post the next day after we receive your postal address to our email: . Therefore, to get your tickets as soon as possible, please send us your e-mail address immediately after booking. If you booked a few days (or weeks) ago, but did not send your mailing address - your tickets are still in our office.

Average time of postal delivery of tickets from St Petersburg is:
Europe - 10-14 days
Middle East - 12-14 days
North America - 14-16 days
South America - 16-20 days
Far East and Asia - 16-20 days
Australia - 24-30 days
Africa - 24-30 days

Not often, but sometimes tickets are lost during mailing. If you have not receive them for more than a month - it seems that they were completely lost by mistake of postal services.

Fortunately you do not need to worry at all. We always insure all sent letters with tickets for their full price. This means that we will simply issue new tickets for you and deliver them to the hotel of your stay a day before the performance. If you think that your tickets were lost during mailing - please inform us about it and we will reissue them.

In any cases you will be able to visit the theater without any difficulties.

Q: The show ends at 22.30. Tell me, please, is it safe in the city at this time?
A: Yes. The center of St.Petersburg at night is beautiful and completely safe. If you get tired after the performance - take a taxi to the hotel (by the way, Uber works here). If you are full of energy - walk on foot, you will like it very much.

Q: I made a mistake when booking, I need to cancel my order!
A: Please read terms and conditions once again, and if you meet all the conditions for a refund - contact us. We kindly ask you to note that we can not make any refund in less than 14 days before the performance, if the show was not canceled.

If all conditions for refund are met, we will send a request to the theater to cancel the reservation and refund. As soon as the theater confirms the cancellation of the reservation and transfers the money to our account, we will promptly make a refund of your payment. Usually it takes 5-7 business days.

Q: We are a travel agency and we have a group of tourists travelling to St.Petersburg in May. Do you have special offers for travel agencies?
A: Yes. Please contact us.

Q: I am a travel blogger and I travel to St.Petersburg in May. Do you have special offers for travel bloggers?
A: Yes. Please contact us.

Q: I have a question, the answer to which I have not found.
A: Please contact us. We will be glad to assist you.

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