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The State Academic Mariinsky (Ex. Kirov) Ballet and Opera Theatre - Concert Hall


Opening of the Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theater in 2006 was another significant date in the history of the Russian theater. This is the only theater and concert complex of the highest level in Russia, built in accordance with modern achievements of the building science and originally intended for conducting concert programs.

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Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall, Dekabristov str., 37 / Pisareva str., 20, Sankt-Peterburg, 190121, Entrance from Dekabristov str.,37



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Brilliant acoustics, brilliant concert. Must visit if you're in St Petersburg





The building of the Concert Hall has historic connections with the Mariinsky Theatre. In 1900 the Set Workshops and Hall of the Board of the Imperial Theatres, which came under the authority of the Mariinsky Theatre in 1917, was built to a design by Viktor Schröter on this site. For over a century unique sets were created in the workshops for numerous productions, many of which survive in the theatre’s repertoire to this day. In September 2003 a fire broke out in the Set Workshops that destroyed almost all the costumes and sets being stored there and that damaged the building so much that it seemed it would be impossible to restore it - only the foundation and the historic facade remained. On this foundation, the French architect Xavier Fabre and the Japanese engineer Yasuhisa Toyota built an acoustically tuned auditorium lined with special wood panels. The goal is to provide the orchestra and soloists of the Mariinsky Theater with its own concert hall and create optimal conditions for sound recording. On 29 November 2006, the presentation of the new Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theatre took place in the presence of President Vladimir Putin.

The new auditorium provides the possibility of the desired transformation of the scene, depending on the program of each given evening. Thus, the controllability of individual blocks of the stage tablet allows for the variable arrangement of orchestral groups or the formation of an orchestra pit. The hall can also be used for semi-scenic performances of opera works, and even ballet performances.

In the Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall you need to follow the dress code: formal suite and the black tie for men and the evening dress for women are the must. Visiting the theatre in the cold season (autumn, winter, early spring) remember about a possible snow and rain outside, that’s why don’t forget to take shoes to change and to leave your coat and hat in the cloakroom.

Constructed right in the city center at Dekabristov street, the Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall is quiet easy to reach from every point of the city, using underground (stations Admiralteyskaya, Sadovaya, Sennaya, Spasskaya), taxi, or simply walking along the beautiful streets and canals of Saint Petersburg.  Beside we’ll gladly organize a transfer for you from the hotel or your cruise ship.

The Concert Hall is worth visiting every time of the year, but the June is considered the most romantic and nice time because apart from the precious performance you can enjoy wonderful White Nights of Saint Petersburg!


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