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Best of Russian Circus (Bolshoi State Chinizelli Circus, circus) - 29 July 2021 at 19:00

Best of Russian Circus (Bolshoi State Chinizelli Circus, circus)

Bolshoi State Chinizelli Circus​ More info | Price: 82.77 - 174.74 USD

Genre: Circus Age restriction: 0+ Length: 2 hours 20 minutes Intermissions: 1 Opening night: 24 September 2016

Featured in: Bolshoi State Chinizelli Circus July 2021 | Circus in St.Petersburg in July 2021 | Circus in Bolshoi State Chinizelli Circus in July 2021


Act I

- "An air adagio" under hands. O. Yu Alexandrova;
- Borneo under hands. M. E. Rudenko;
- "Acrobats on poles" under hands. M. V. Selnikhina;
- "The trained bears "The Russian three" under hands. Yu. A. Alexandrova
- Ekvilibr under hands. A. V. Pronina;
- "Acrobats on a counter swing" under hands. A. V. Pronin;

Act II

- "A show of soap bubbles" under hands. M. V. Selnikhina + the trapeze artist on belts (Akimov Sergey);
- "The Cycle figure skater with the trained dogs" under hands. V. Alexandrova;
- "Equilibrists on the pershakh" under hands. V. V. Shagunina;
- "Eccentric an abuse - hupa" by A. Chaynikova;
- "Threads" under hands. N. Timchenko; - "Acrobats with springboards" under hands. A. A. Rubana;
- "Marine animals" under hands. T. Timchenko;
- The character "Angel" - the clown – N. Kormiltsev (equilibrist).

World premiere: 12 September 2016, Bolshoi Circus, Moscow
Premiere in St Petersburg: 24 September 2016, Bolshoi Chinizelli Circus on the Fontanka river

To get to the mysterious worlds of dreams and to see the embodiment of children's dreams the audience of Circus of Chinizelli will be helped by the young heroine of the new cicrus program.

Action of the program is developed at several "levels": one heroes in air will show acrobatic etudes, others – on an arena will show numbers which complexity borders on human opportunities.
The special attention of the audience will be occupied by attractions with exotic animals. At the same time to an arena there will be trained leopards, crocodiles and even snakes, and then the capabilities will be shown by fervent dogs and lovely clumsy brown bears. Really the attraction "Marine animals" under the leadership of Tatyana Timchenko where the trainer will show how plastic and dexterous can be so, apparently, slow sea lions will surprise the audience.


Bolshoi State Chinizelli Circus playbill

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Price: 82.77 - 174.74 USD

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