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Cinderella (Mikhailovsky Theatre, opera)

Cinderella (Mikhailovsky Theatre, opera)

Genre: Opera Language: Russian Age restriction: 6+ Length: 2 hours Intermissions: 1 Opening night: 30 December 1999



Libretto: Olga Mukhortova after the screenplay by Evgeny Schwarz and the fairy-tale by Charles Perrault
Production: Olga Mukhortova
Set designer: Vyacheslav Okunev


Conductor — Valentin Bogdanov

Premiere of the production: December 30, 1999 

The opera Cinderella a was composed in 1906 by the professor of the Leningrad Conservatory Boris Asafiev especially for children. He wanted the young audience to start their acquaintance with the serious genre of opera with the popular fairytale by Charles Perrault. The story teaches the children that the honest and kind people always do well, good will always triumph, and the crystal shoe will fit the right person. 

Based on the story by the French writer and the screen play by the Russian storyteller Evgeny Schwarz, stage director Olga Mukhortova created a bright and festive performance, which is sure to be popular with the little ones.

Act I
Scene 1

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are getting ready for the ball thrown by the King of the fairy kingdom. Cinderella is cleaning the house and dreaming to see the ball — at least through the window of the palace. Cinderella’s stepsisters Anna and Mariana are laughing at her. They discuss who is more beautiful of the two and who will be chosen by the Prince to become his wife. 
Cinderella has sewn ball gowns for her stepmother and stepsisters. She helps them get ready for the ball. The King’s corporal arrives to invite everybody to the ball. The stepmother and stepsisters leave, Cinderella stays alone.

Scene 2

Cinderella’s god mother, a Fairy, brings her to the fairy wood. The Fairy wants to reward Cinderella for her kindness and patience. She turns Cinderella’s old dress into a wonderful ball gown, makes a carriage from a pumpkin and gives Cinderella magic shoes. 
Cinderella’s dream has come true — she’s going to the ball. The only thing is that she must leave the palace at midnight, at the time when the magic things will lose its power.

Scene 3

The ball at the palace. The King greets his guests. Cinderella arrives. Everybody is enchanted by the unknown beauty. The Prince falls in love with her. The Kind Magician sends them together to a magic country. The Prince tells Cinderella of his love. 
The clock is striking midnight. Cinderella runs away leaving a shoe in a hurry. The Kings suggests that they should find her using the shoe: if the shoe fits a girl, the girl will become the Prince’s fiancée. The corporal and soldiers hurry to execute the order.

Act II
Scene 4

Cinderella is going sticking in the wood. She recollects meeting the Prince. The Prince who is looking for his beloved appears in the wood. Cinderella hides from him.

Scene 5

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters dream of the future wedding. The woman is sure that the Prince will marry one of her daughters. 
The corporal appears. He announces the King’s order. Anna and Marianna try the shoe on but it doesn’t fit. Stepmother begs Cinderella to help Anna and with Cinderella’s help the shoe fits.

Scene 6

Everybody in the palace is waiting for the Prince’s fiancée. When triumphant stepmother brings Anna to the palace the King is at a loss. Marquis Pasdetrois invites everybody to dance. While Anna is dancing the shoe slips off her foot. 
Suddenly the Fairy and Cinderella arrive. The King recognizes the mysterious guest who enchanted everybody in the palace. Cinderella’s stepmother and sisters laugh at her but Marquis Pasdetrois puts the shoe on Cinderella’s foot and her dress transforms into a marvelous ball gown. 
The Kind Magician brings the Prince back from faraway where he tried to find Cinderella. At last the Prince and Cinderella are together.



Mikhailovsky (ex. Mussorgsky) Theatre playbill

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