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Feel Yourself Russian (Nikolaevsky Palace, folk show) - 28 October 2019 at 19:00

Feel Yourself Russian (Nikolaevsky Palace, folk show)

Nikolaevsky Palace​ More info | Price: 116.1 EUR

Genre: Folk Show Language: Russian Age restriction: 6+ Length: 1 hour 50 minutes Intermissions: 1

Featured in: Folk Show in St.Petersburg | Folk Show in St.Petersburg in October 2019 | Nikolaevsky Palace October 2019 | Folk Show in St.Petersburg in October 2019 | Folk Show in Nikolaevsky Palace in October 2019


There is no doubt; without the folk show "Feel Yourself Russian" your visit to Russia wouldn't be complete. This show is the unique opportunity to experience the history, spirit and traditions of Russia throughout one evening.

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"Peters Quartet" vocal quartet
"Maidan" Cossack song-and-dance group
"Stars of St.Petersburg" dance group

Russians are known for their special soul. Is there any chance for a foreigner to feel himself Russian?

Folkshow "Feel Yourself Russian" at the Nikolaevsky Palace is a unique performance, which allows to feel the history and soul of Russia!

In the heart of Saint Petersburg, a stonethrow from the majestic St.Isaak Cathedral the beautiful Nikolaevsky palace - real masterpiece of imperial architecture, built by architect Andrey Schtakenshneider for Grand Duke Nikolay, son of the Emperor Nikolay I, is located.

Passing the entrance to the Palace guests will find themselves in the lobby – with its fabulous gala stairs leading to the Banquet Hall and other beautifully renovated halls of the Palace. Guests are welcomed by the beauties in crinolines and elegant gentleman, so they will feel themshelves as guests of the prince Nikolay.
Reverence, the ensemble of historical dance, meet guests on the Imperial front stairs of the Palace.

The classic music, performed by the quartet "Classique", create the gorgeous atmosphere of the XIX century.

The show program includes Russian folklore songs and Orthodox hymns, performed by the "Peters Quartet".

The group "Maidan" performs Cossack songs from Don, Kuban and other cossack regions of Russia.

Dancing ensemble "Stars of St. Petersburg" will perform lyrical dances of the Russian North, humorous choreographic miniatures of the Urals and Siberia, and of course the amazing stunts and famous cossack dance.

The show consists of two parts (45 minutes each) and lasts for 1 hour 50 minutes including the break. During the intermission, the rich buffet table, with canapes, red caviar, ham, cheese, salami, vodka, wine, champagne, juices, water, and fruits, will be offered to the guests. 

The Tsar Meal Dinner is served after the performance. The Tsar Meal menu changes every day. Below you can see an example of the menu. If you have any special health, dietary or religious requirements - please let us know in advance and we will try to fulfill your requests.

Example of "Tsar Meal" traditional russian menu.

"Potekha" ("Fun") Salad of carrot and nuts. Served with sour cream and whipped cream

Russian borsch (beetroot soup) served with cream

Beef Stroganoff with rice and vegetables

Apple pie "Charlotte" with cranberry sauce

Mineral still water. Served in jugs

Bread "Nevsky".

Tea in assortment, coffee, cream, sugar.



Nikolaevsky Palace playbill

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